You care for your herd.

We care for their hooves.

Your livelihood and reputation ride on the health of the animals in your charge.

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When it comes to animal welfare,
we work as hard as you.

You're responsible for keeping your animals healthy and comfortable. At Vettec, we recognize and respect this responsibility. And we work as hard as you to promote and protect animal welfare, with high-quality hoof care products you can count on. The way your animals count on you.

Our commitment to animals and the professionals who care for them runs deep across our entire company — from the seasoned farriers who guide our product innovation, to the expert chemists who develop our advanced formulas, to the responsive customer service team who’s ready to answer any questions. When you choose Vettec, you’re working with a partner who understands the demands of the job, and the value of healthy, productive animals.

More than rigorously tested hoof-care products, we bring first-hand knowledge of the equine and bovine industries from professionals with decades of experience. We’ve been where you’ve been: under a two-ton animal whose welfare is — literally — in your hands. And we know the importance of having easy-to-use, quick-setting and durable hoof-care products that perform the way they’re supposed to. With every application.

We’re committed to bringing you the latest knowledge and innovations in hoof care, through informative workshops, blogs, videos and clinics as well as a wide range of products. Now let us roll up our sleeves and get to work for you. Explore our full range of products for every hoof-care need. 

Bovi Bond

Clear Block Adhesive


Bovi-Bond™ is a fast setting urethane adhesive used to bond wood or rubber blocks to bovine hoofs.

  • Fast and easy application requiring fewer procedural steps
  •  Strong and quick-bonding
  •  Sets in 30 seconds
  •  Weight bearing in 2 - 3 minutes.
  •  Economical
  •  No fumes or odors, safe application in enclosed areas
  •  Material can be stored warm or cold
  • One year shelf life

Confidence, reliability, performance.

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