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Have a question about hoof care? Want tips on shodding? Access our video series
featuring hands-on advice from Journeyman Farrier Tab.

Toe Crack

Two hoof care professionals discuss toe cracks and what to look for if you suspect your horse has one. Watch as Pat Burton, CJF, shows how he has treated a toe crack on a horse that he’d been working on for several months.

Hold Your Horses

Tab discusses the importance of a horse holder while the farrier is working on your horses' feet. Watch to find out the proper way to handle the reins to ensure that your farrier can provide the best hoof care.


Shoeing your horse can provide protection and support from rocky terrain, or other hard surfaces. There are many options to consider from steel shoes to synthetic shoes, and from leather pads to pour-in pad materials. Watch to find out which options are right for you.

Vettec Combo Pkg

Combining Vettec products to create specialized combination packages allows for a tailor made solution for your hoof care needs. Watch as Tab demonstrates this concept using Adhere to glue on a shoe and Equi-Pak CS pad material for comfort and support.

Treating Laminitis over Time

Tab Pigg and Pat Burton show how to treat a laminitis case over the course of 60-90 days with different hoof packages. Pour-in pad materials were used for comfort and support, and casting material was used on the hoof wall to hold the capsule together.

Heel Angle Fix

The horse in this video has under run heels which is changing the way it bears weight and causing it to be unbalanced. Watch as Tab trims the bent walls, matches the angles with Super Fast and provides heel support with a pour-in pad material.

How Bars Affect Feet

The way that bars are laying on the sole can affect hoof health. You can help the back of the foot function normally by getting the bars trimmed back to their point of origin. Watch to find out how.

Under Run Heels

Toe and heel angels can help you determine whether or not a horse has underrun heels. Find out how to spot an under run heel and how you can correct the issue.

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